Host Companion's Datacenter Datacenter
Our main datacenter in Northern New Jersey features redundant battery backup systems, backup generators, redundant cooling systems, 24/7/365 staffing and security monitoring, as well as physical security that requires both a keycard and biometric verification to enter the facility. We also have a secondary facility in Dallas for offsite backups and disaster recovery.

Host Companion's Network Network
Our network connects to major exchange points in Newark, New York City (x2), Virginia, Toronto and London. From there we have multiple Tier-1 providers as well as over 100 private peers, giving you direct, uncongested access to reach your customers in the US and abroad. Our international peering is especially extensive, giving round trip ping times of under 100ms to most of Europe, 80ms to the UK, and 200ms to Japan. Our network hardware is carrier-grade equipment from Juniper and Cisco.

Host Companion Staff Staff
The principals of Host Companion have three decades of combined experience in Web Design, Web Development, Project Management, Systems Administration, Network Engineering, and Systems Architecture.

Host Companion has created and maintained solutions for everything from small non-profits to Fortune 500 companies.

    I am fortunate to have chosen Host Companion to host and maintain our web site. We have never had our site go down!!! When we wanted a new site to increase our internet sales, we retained Host Companion to build it. I am thrilled with the results, the project was completed smoothly and our sales increased. We have now entered into an agreement to have Host Companion do our social networking to increase our customer base and create new sales.
- KT
    Host Companion has been a godsend. Reliable, friendly and VERY responsive. The few issues I had with setting up my email accounts were fixed within minutes! My Concrete5 site was up and running without a hitch and they were very helpful in assisting me with all my needs. I can't say enough about how pleased I have been. There is nothing like shooting off an email and getting a response right away, or calling and being able to speak with a knowledgeable person that is eager to help. THANK YOU.
- EB
    This service is excellent. The support is on-time and always above and beyond what you get everywhere else. We have asked for help on different subjects many times, and always are treated with courtesy and the ability to solve our questions. Plus you are not "on hold" for hours trying to speak to someone! I thoroughly recommend this provider. Excellent service, great price!
- AK
    We are a small labor organization representing several thousand New York City workers. We’ve been dealing with Richard before and since his formation of Host Companion. We contract with the company for web hosting and maintenance of our site in collaboration with permanent staff. They are reliable, cost-effective and a pleasure to deal with. Host Companion is responsive and dedicated. I recommend Host Companion’s services without reservation.
- RS
    I want to thank you for the fabulous job you did on the design of the website--I always get compliments on it. I will certainly recommend your talents to others. Thanks again for all your help.
- HG
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